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Rev Paul Reynolds
The book of Samuel ends in disaster for Saul and the nation, because Saul was disobedient, became desperate and ends up dishonoured. But we can learn to find a ray of hope as we learn to lament
1 Sam 31 Facing Disaster.m4a
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M4A Audio 10.0MB (21:13)
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  • Recorded: 23/02/2020
  • Length: 21 minutes
  • Reference: 1 Samuel 31:1-13
Rev Paul Reynolds
Mary is Gods chosen vessel through which he he will bring his Son into the world to redeem it, but why Mary? Paul walks us through this question.
Paul Reynolds Luke 1 - 16-12-2019, 10.08.mp3
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  • Recorded: 15/12/2019
  • Length: 21 minutes
  • Reference: Luke 1:26-38